Guiltless Vanishing Bliss Balls

I’m willing to bet that this photo would have looked a lot better if more than 5 of these had survived the ‘taste test’, but that’s what happens if you don’t whip your phone out fast enough when these little babies are around. *blink* Gone. These are my Date & Coconut Bliss Balls – I’m […]

Three C’s Pizza Base – Oh Em Gee!

I’m so excited. No really, I AM SO EXCITED!! This has discovery has changed my life! Ok, I concede I may be getting a little bit carried away but if you love pizza as much as I do but have to be gluten-free, or you’re just trying to reduce your carbs, give this a go. […]

Berry Nice Jam

A Berry Nice Jam (with gluten free pikelets)

I’m a chutney veteran, sauces, pickles, pastes, I’ve done them all, but I’ve never made jam. That is until today. I kept hearing how easy it is in the whizzy machine so I decided to give it a go. Clearly I was quite excited by the idea of homemade jam because I got a bit […]