How to Buy a Thermomix

A kind person recently pointed out to me that I spend all my time talking about food and posting my recipes and have forgotten to tell people that I also demonstrate and sell Thermomixes. So here goes…

My name is Kirrin, I am an independent Thermomix Advisor based in SW London (though I’m Australian). It’s important to know that all Thermomix advisors are independent and self-employed, we are not Vorwerk (Thermomix) employees. We are people who love Thermomix and like nothing more than telling other people all about how they can make your life just that bit easier.

How to buy a Thermomix

You can’t buy a Thermomix in a store, on Amazon or even directly from Vorwek (the manufacturer). They can only be ordered through an independent advisor like myself.

If you already know you want to invest in a Thermomix I can place your order for you and when it arrives, I will help you get to know your new best friend and get the most from it. Or, if you are still making up your mind you can have a no obligation demonstration in your home or you can attend a public demo at my home in Wimbledon.

A demonstration can be really valuable; you will be taken through all of the functions and learn how to operate and care for your new Thermomix all whilst preparing some delicious food, which you can then share with your friends and family. You also get the ongoing support of your advisor (me) for any help and questions. A demo is not a high-pressure sales pitch. I simply use the Thermomix to cook a few different dishes and you can make up your own mind. I really encourage you to invite a few friends to join you, you can score yourself a lovely host gift and and sit down for a meal with friends without having to cook or wash up!

If you would like to purchase a Thermomix or see a demonstration please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Phone (+44) 07770 154 364 or email

KH with TM5_Fotor

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