I’m Kirrin.  I’ve always been an adventurous cook and recently became addicted to thermo-cooking. My plan for this blog is to share the recipes I find that I like, show you the results – good or otherwise, and to use it as a platform for you to follow my journey as I experiment and attempt to develop my own recipes.

Most of what I prepare is gluten free, but not all as my husband is blessed with the ability to eat gluten unaffected. So he gets to enjoy the breads and focaccia. I’m hoping to end up with a gluten free version that works.

Some of what I prepare is also dairy free, or can be. Either way I’ll endeavour to note when gluten or dairy free ingredients have been used or can be substituted.

I hope you will share my love for good food, prepared in a new way. Oh, and by good I mean delicious!

To be transparent…

I currently own both a Thermomix and a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (Lakeland MultiChef in the UK), which I affectionately call my Fauxmomix. Whilst I’m very fond of the Bellini, and without it I would never have gotten into this style of cooking, I upgraded to the Thermomix and  am now an independent Thermomix demonstrator.


Gosh, my thermo-cookers are multiplying like rabbits. I’ve just added the new Thermomix TM5 to my collection. I will try and keep the recipes generic so that they can be used with either model.


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