Magic Bean Cake

No, this isn’t THAT type of ‘magic’ cake. The only things to lose their minds will be your taste buds, and possibly your friends when they say “you made a cake out of what??”.

Magic Bean Cake

That’s right, this amazing chocolate cake is made using the humble red kidney bean. It’s gluten and grain free, and can be made dairy free by substituting the butter with a dairy free spread or oil.  Don’t be fooled, it does not taste like kidney beans, you’d never know that they are in there.

It was super easy to make, incredibly moist, but sank a lot when it cooled. The only thing I’d do differently to the recipe is to puree the beans by themselves first just to break down the shreds of bean skin a bit more. Mind you I could have whizzed the whole thing a little longer for the same result.

We were so busy eating this cake that I forgot to take a photo of it out of the tin. Ten points to anyone who noticed that my ‘ring tin’ is in fact a round tin with an upside down glass in the middle.

Recipe is here: Magic Bean Cake by Sarah Wong.

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