Spiced Lamb 3C’s Pizza – DIY Mince

Just a quick post this evening, I wanted to share this lamb recipe I tried out as a pizza topping.

I whizzed up another batch of my 3C’s Pizza Base but this time topped it with a spiced lamb that I found on Recipe Community.

It’s made with lamb mince. I minced my own, which I recommend doing if you have some lamb steaks handy, as then you can make the texture a bit chunkier than shop-bought mince. It’s a very simple but effective recipe and the chunky lamb mince works really well. I used it on my pizza along with some grilled Mediterranean vegetables – aubergine, courgette, pepper, onion and cherry tomatoes; if you’re in Australia that’s eggplant, zucchini and capsicum!

Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb

The Lamb

The lamb recipe is here: Middle Eastern Lamb
I followed her recipe almost exactly, the exception being that I used fresh instead of dried mint, and I forgot to put the spices in until after I had added the tomatoes!

To Mince

To make your own mince cut the meat into chunks no larger than 3cm, removing any gristle etc. Set the blades to Speed 8 and quickly drop the pieces through the lid onto the spinning blades a piece at a time. I only do a handful at a time and as soon as the last piece has gone in I turn it off, remove the mince and start again. If you let it keep going or try and do too much in one go you will end up with meat puree instead of mince.

I’m quite keen on making my own mince at the moment. I read an article a few weeks ago about some food standards testing that was carried out in the UK. They found that up to 30% of the foods they tested (a large range of products) were mis-labeled or misleading. A leading culprit was mince where cheaper meats were passed off as their more expensive counterparts, notably lamb mince was found to be bulked up with beef in quite a few cases.  So now I’m quite happy to make my own mince and know exactly what is in it.

Give it a go this weekend.

Spiced Lamb 3C's Pizza

Spiced Lamb 3C’s Pizza

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