Lining the Varoma Tray

This is a little task that I need to do often as I’m a bit of a Varoma fan. Of course you don’t have to line it but depending on what you are steaming, and if there is something cooking in the bowl too, it can be a good idea. For example in all-in-one recipes I don’t prefer to have any meat juices drip down into my rice.

Lining the main Varoma is easy. I just rip off a piece of baking paper about the right size, scrunch it underneath running water then spread it into the Varoma. Lining the tray requires a bit more finesse. The paper need to be the right size or the lid won’t fit properly. So this is the easiest way…

  1. Place the Varoma Tray upside down on your piece of baking paper and draw around it. Cut out the paper following the line you just drew.
  2. Wet and scrunch, then line the tray. it will be the perfect shape to line the tray and come most of the way up the sides thus trapping any juices but not interfering with the lid.

5 thoughts on “Lining the Varoma Tray

  1. Great tips Kirrin! I love tips and tricks for the thermomix. Are you on Pinterest? If so, I have a great communal board where people are saving their tips and tricks, if you want to, I’d be honoured if you would like to join in the fun.

    Best wishes,

    Sophia. 🙂


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