Perfect Focaccia

Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia, smells devine.It’s times like this I’d trade my right arm to be able to eat gluten. The Husband declared it to be “the best focaccia ever”. It smelled amazing and was so easy it seemed criminal. If you’ve never got your bake on before I highly recommend this as a starting point. You won’t be disappointed.

Recipe from “Fast and Easy Cooking” courtesy of UK Thermomix:
(I tried to find a link to this but was unable, so here it is).

Add to bowl, Mix, 20 sec, Sp 6 :

  • 500gm Flour
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • 1 sachet (7gm) Instant Yeast
  • 30gm Olive Oil
  • 350gm Warm Water
  • 1tsp Fine Sea Salt

Knead 2 min dough setting
Pour into oiled bowl, rest in a warm place until dough has doubled in size (1-4 hours, mine took 1hr)
Tip into oiled or lined large tray (approx 22cm x 33cm), spread with your fingers.
Allow to rise for a further 30 mins.
Poke dents all over the dough with your finger tips, sprinkle with:

  • Good drizzle of Olive Oil
  • 2T Chopped Rosemary
  • 1tsp Coarse Sea Salt
  • Sprinkle of water

Bake 20-25 mins at 200C, sprinkling a dash more water over the dough half way through the cooking time.


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