Gluten for punishment (pun intended)

When I wrote my ‘About’ page I promised to share the wins AND the total fails, a promise I am slightly regretting as I write this.

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread. I’ve baked regular bread for other people using the whizzy machine (check out this awesome focaccia). I’ve made* gluten free bread  before I owned a whizzy machine; I’ve made it by hand and I’ve made it in a bread maker. None of it was very successful. So I figured it was about time I try and make some gluten free bread for myself.

I came across a recipe for gluten free bread so I decided to make bread rolls.

I had my doubts from the start, the recipe just didn’t look right (only 130gm flour) but I decided to follow it precisely and see what happened. The results speak for themselves really…

Oh dear.

Even Instagram isn’t going to save this.

At least the children seemed to enjoy the flat egg flavoured ‘cupcakes’.

*made = combined ingredients and baked which may, or may not, have resulted in edible bread.

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