Quinoa Chia Poppy Crackers

I struggle to find nice GF crackers for having with dips or cheese. I’ve long been jealous of the selection of pretty seeded flatbreads and crackers available for the gluten-tolerant but there is no good substitute. Oatcakes can be a bit too heavy and aren’t the prettiest. Back in Australia we used a lot of the Sakata rice crackers, but they’re hard to find in the UK. I have found some occasionally in Waitrose but they’ve always been BBQ or Sour Cream flavour. Yuck! The plain ones are ok with dip but I don’t prefer them with cheese.

There is one brand I’ve found that makes really thin ones in giant squares. But they’re so hard when you bite them it’s a bit like having shards of pointy cracker in your mouth. You could take someone’s eye out if you sneezed.

Problem is finally solved! These little crackers are not just gluten free, but also dairy free, sugar free, and most importantly delicious! Very fast and easy to make too.

I found a similar recipe in In The Mix but was short on the ingredients so I used what I had and it worked a treat.

Quinoa Chia Poppy Crisps

Quinoa Chia Poppy Crackers
[GF, DF, SF, EF, V, P] Makes approx 50 crackers.

  • 100 grams Quinoa
  • 50 grams Chia Seeds
  • 10 grams Poppy Seeds
  • Salt
  • 70 grams Water
  1. Add 100gm Quinoa and 50gm Chia to the bowl. Mill 30 sec, speed 9.
  2. Add 10gm Poppy Seeds, a pinch of salt, and 70gm Water. Mix 5 sec, speed 6.

    After mixing - looks a little like concrete!

    After mixing – looks a little like concrete!

  3. Form small malteser sized balls (they will roll out quite large). Flatten each one slightly onto a sheet of baking/parchment paper, well spaced.

    Flattened on paper before rolling out.

    Flattened on paper before rolling out.

  4. Place another piece of paper over the top and then roll the crackers flat between the 2 sheets of paper as thin as possible! Aim for 1mm. If they spread out into each other stop and rearrange them on the paper.
  5. After removing the top sheet of paper, place the crackers onto a baking tray and bake in a hot oven 5-8mins (varies by thickness and oven) until slightly golden around the edges.


  • If your oven is rubbish you may need to rotate the trays.
  • You are aiming for the crackers to be browned around the edge, not all over. If the entire crackers become brown they are likely overcooked and it will change the flavour.

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