I have a confession, I’ve been unfaithful…


Is it possible to cheat on a kitchen appliance??

The completely rational side of me says “don’t be silly, it’s a machine”, but somewhere in my stomach (probably the part that’s been enjoying lots of delicious food) there’s a little niggling pocket of guilt. Why? I just bought a Thermomix, I feel like I’m cheating on my Bellini…

The Bellini and I have been together for a while now, she was my first love – affectionately called the Fauxmomix. We came together because I wasn’t convinced that I had the need for one of those fancy whizzy machines in my life. She was cheap, I was looking for a new toy and thought it might be a bit of fun. If it didn’t work out it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Boy was I wrong. I became hooked, couldn’t get enough.

We had 6 glorious months together but we’ve grown in different directions. I couldn’t help it. She opened my eyes to the possibilities and eventually my needs outstripped her capabilities. So I’ve bought a Thermomix, a Thermomix with an extra bowl. I guess that makes me the Thermo Mixtress*.


Update Oct 2014:
This blog has recently gone through an identity crisis. When I started it, it was “The Thermo Mixtress”, a name a friend of mine came up with and I absolutely loved it. Later down the track I found about about Tenina, and am now a huge fan of her recipes. Tenina is often referred to as the ThermoMixtress, and indeed that is her identity on instagram and twitter. So to avoid any confusion I’ve changed the name to Kirrin’s Kitchen, but I’ve left Thermo Mixtress on this one post as the whole affair thing really doesn’t work without it.

2 thoughts on “I have a confession, I’ve been unfaithful…

    • I’m loving it! I had been cooking such a huge variety with my Fauxmomix so I was pretty confident with the style of cooking. The Thermomix is such a lovely upgrade. I realised that everywhere I went I was raving about it to anyone who would listen, so it seemed natural to become a demonstrator.


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