Roasted Garlic – Quick Tip

This isn’t a recipe per se, just something I’ve been doing a bit lately so I thought I’d share it with you.

Roasting whole bulbs of garlic, the fragrance is incredible and it completely mellows out that sharp garlic bite.

Roasted garlic

Isn’t it pretty? Here’s just a few of the things you can use it for:

  • Replace fresh garlic in a recipe, especially dips and soups;
  • Chop and stir through steamed vegetables with a dash of olive oil;
  • Squeeze out a bulb onto some toasted bruschetta before topping with fresh tomato and basil, or leave of the extra toppings for a different take on garlic bread;
  • Add to roast vegetable salads;
  • blend with butter and use in your potatoes.

It’s very easy to do. Next time you’ve got the oven on, slice the top of a bulb so that just the tips of the cloves are exposed and pop it in on a tray for 10 minutes. That’s it. Store it in the fridge in a sealed container and aim to use it within a week. You’ll never go back.

5 thoughts on “Roasted Garlic – Quick Tip

  1. We’ve been roasting heads of garlic along with our roasted potatoes for a while now and as you say, we won’t go back! Thanks for sharing your ideas for some other uses, I’ll put some in my Thermomix risotto tonight 😉


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